Spell checking of Finnish is not a trivial task. There are no articles nor even many prepositions, and the ending of the word is modified instead. Several words may be compounded together and the resulting quantity of possible Finnish words is infinite. I am using a spell checker developed by a Finnish company that understands the complexity of the language. Finnish is regarded among the most complex languages in the world, second only to the native American Navajo language. Remember the movie about "Code Talkers"?

Here is a good example: The Finnish word "istahtaisinkohan" requires 10 English words to translate:

"I wonder, if I should sit down for a while".


Inadvertent omissions and additions

Powerful quality control features in my translation software, Déjà Vu, make it virtually impossible to make this kind of mistakes.



Again the translation software copies the original formatting and reproduces it accurately. Your translation will look just like the original, except for the language.



This too is watched by the software. Terminology is stored in my general database and I will generate a client-specific database for each job as necessary.